Global Game Jam 2024 | Unity

You’re a clown who really want’s to make people laugh through the power of balloons. Deliver balloons to the children whilst fending off their concerned parents using your mega awesome boxing gloves.

Dungeon Defenders – The Quest of Im-PAW-ssible Proportions

Video Editing | April 2023 | DaVinci Resolve

I was given the challenge to create a fake trailer for a game to showcase editing skills, this is what I came up with.

Falmouth Games Academy – Homebrew Trailer

Video Editing | December 2022 | DaVinci Resolve

A personal challenge project, I thought I could improve upon the official trailer used for the expo.

Rabbit Corpse-Man

Illustrative Piece | June 2022 – August 2022 | Photoshop

An illustrative piece, inspired by demonic poses and my fear of cartoon rabbits – Page Under Construction

Deserted Office

Global Game Jam 2022 | Unity

You are an office worker that must complete surveys sent by email to earn enough money to buy food and fuel on the desert island you find yourself on.

The Frog Project

3D Sculpture | Aug 2020 – Feb 2022 | Minecraft & BrickLink Studio

A frog project, from Minecraft to Lego – Page Under Construction

Procedural Doggos

Global Game Jam 2021 | Unity